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bjd_30minfic's Journal

BJD_30 Minute Fiction
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Welcome to the Ball-Joint Doll Inspired Ficlet Challenges!

A new challenge will be posted each Monday morning. These prompts may be a single word, a song lyric, a short phrase, a seasonal flavour or even a photograph.

Once you have thirty free minutes, turn your hourglass and begin to write! It’s as simple or as complex as that – no pre-written work, no thinking about your fic or arc or chara BEFORE you begin writing. Make the challenge of the “challenge” to be about sitting down, setting the timer and beginning, middling and ending in a thirty minute block of time. Uh, 30MinFic – get it?

At the end of the thirty minutes, post your fic behind an LJ-cut in this community. Format should be exactly as follows:

Rating (G through NC-17):
Author's Notes:

(lj-cut goes here)

then the text of the story.

Fanfiction rating system -
FRC- Fan rated Child, for everyone
FRT- Fan Rated Teen
FRM- Fan Rated Mature
FRAO- Fan Rated Adults Only

Genfic, het, slash are all welcome. If your fic is particularly graphic - please use the appropriate rating. Chan, guro, *insert your kink here* are not allowed but as this community is basically unmoderated you will be able to post, but may see your post deleted later.

If you don't wish to write a challenge, please do try and comment on the challenge entries that are posted. The writers appreciate it.

You can write on any past challenge if the mood strikes, as well. Just make sure you post that it is in response to an older challenge.

Questions? Suggestions for a challenge? Begin a non-fic post!